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How much flour can I use?

Attention: data may vary depending on the proportion of moisture; the values shown are based on a 50% dough.

The minimum/maximum amounts of flour that can be used are approximately the following (it depends on the type of dough you want to obtain):

SP 5 – MIDI 5 Min. 1.5 kg Max. 3 kg
SP 10 Min. 3 kg Max. 6.5 kg
SP 20 - SP 25/E - MIDI 20 Min. 3 kg Max. 14 kg
SP 40 – MIDI 40 Min. 5 kg Max. 25 kg
SP 50 Min. 7 kg Max. 30 kg
SP 60 Min. 7 kg Max. 35 kg
SP 60 2M – MIDI 60 – MOMA 60 Min. 3 kg Max. 40 kg
SP 80 – MOMA 80 Min. 5 kg Max. 53 kg
SP 100 – MIDI 100 – MOMA 100 Min. 6 kg Max. 65 kg
SP 130 – MOMA 130 Min. 10 kg Max. 85 kg
SP 160 – MOMA 160 Min. 15 kg Max. 110 kg

What are the differences between SP and MOMA models?

The main differences are:

  • the sizes available
  • Moma has a much more appealing shape
  • The bowl and of the central shaft of the MOMA series are built in such a way as to allow all the dough to be collected and extracted more easily, while the SP machines are equipped with a vertical central shaft and a less rounded bowl bottom.
  • With Moma PLUS version it is possible to use enhanced motors and a spiral double transmission mechanism which is especially indicated for less hydrated doughs.

Which machine is recommended for low hydration doughs?

In case of low hydration doughs and for a dough capacity of at least 60kg (about 50% hydration) AVANCINI proposes the MOMA PLUS series as it is equipped with enhanced motors and a spiral double transmission mechanism.

What is the most recommended machine for high-hydration doughs?

Depending on the kneading technique used, all AVANCINI machines can help to knead high-hydration doughs; in the case of direct kneading, the MIDI series is definitely the line of machines suggested by AVANCINI which can prepare perfect doughs thanks to its 10 adjustable speeds.

Which SP dough mixers are equipped with a timer?

The mixers from SP 30 to SP 60 can be equipped with a timer that can be applied as optional according to the model; from SP60 2M on, all other mixers are equipped with double timer.

The spiral and the bowl rotate in the opposite direction to the arrows

This means that the phases in the power plug have been reversed; therefore, have a electrician or specialized technician reverse the wires of the two phases.

The machine does not start

After making sure that you have inserted the plug into the wall socket and that voltage is available, check that you have deactivated the emergency button (if present).

Make sure that the front guard has been closed properly.

In case of machines having a motor equipped with a timer, make sure that a time has been set or that the manual mode has been activated (see the use and maintenance manual). If the problem persists, contact a specialized technician.

The bowl does not rotate evenly

If the machine is equipped with belts, use the belt tightening knobs (you can find them on the back of some models) to adjust tension or request the intervention of a specialized technician.

The bowl does not rotate when the guard is raised

Applicable safety standards do not allow any movement if the guard is raised (this is valid only for machines with one motor). If the problem occurs on other models, request the intervention of a specialized technician.

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